How to make Jamun (black Plum) Jam

This juicy native Indian fruit is called by many names. It’s called jambul, black plum, Indian blackberry and so many other. Apart from mangoes, black plum is a popular summer fruit in India. Jamun has lots of medicinal and health benefits as well.

I was determined to make jamun jam this year and was waiting for the prices to come down. One day I asked my helper why are jamun so expensive this year. She said every-one is eating jamun these days and diabetics have them in plenty that’s why it’s expensive!

She is so right, people have come to realize its health benefits. It’s one of the fruits which you can have generously without much worry.

Health benefits of black plum:

  • This iron-rich fruit works magically as blood purifier.
  • Indigestion is common problem in summers and cooling properties of jamun works wonder to aid digestion.
  • This juicy pulpy fruit is loaded with vitamin C which builds body’s immunity and helps in fighting seasonal problems.

There are lots of other health benefits of this delicious fruit but its taste alone was the driving factor for me to make its jam. 🙂

Jamun’s jam making process is pretty simple. I’m sure after seeing its simple process you would surely like to make it.


  • Jamun: 500 gm
  • Sugar: 250 gm


  • In a heavy bottom pan, put sugar and jamuns together on fire. Soon sugar will start melting and jamun will become tender and start releasing its juice.
  • Gently mash them. Burst of lilac color is so refreshing!
  • Once all plums are completely mashed and is all pulpy, remove the seeds.
  • Cook for further ten minutes, now the mixture will be little less runny and start to thicken.
  • It will thicken further on cooling, so remove from fire accordingly.
  • I like jam when it is full of fiber, so I don’t sieve it. If you want you can very well sieve it.
  • Once the jam is completely cooled, transfer it into sterilized glass jar and refrigerate.


This jam has wonderful taste and is full of jamun flavor. You may add a dash of cinnamon, cardamom or lemon juice while cooking to make it more flavorful.

Jams taste will enhance as its mature. I’m using it in cake-filling and cupcakes and it tastes wonderful.

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