Know Me – Your Bhaili

Hi, I’m Megha Agrawal based in Pune, India and a jewelry designer by profession (you can also check my website about diamond jewelry). Welcome to witness my colorful and creative exploration. Here you will see my new creative attempts and their outcomes. It can be related to anything from paintings on different mediums to sharing  vegetarian recipes.

Megha AgrawalI was blessed with a baby girl two years back and having a baby resulted in having limited time left for myself. Designing was not possible with little baby, I use to miss designing.

So, I started painting to keep me occupied. It made be relaxed, and I felt like meditating while painting.

Along with painting I also tried my hand at various cuisines. With the birth of my daughter even I got a new birth. Encouragement from my loving husband and my two best friends my mom and my sister made me continue my creative adventures. I’m blessed to be in a family where I’m allowed to do whatever I enjoy doing.

So, friends it can happen that your motherhood sabbatical may start a new career that you will enjoy. It may give time to pursue your interests that you might have kept aside while doing regular jobs.

It’s my friends who keep on pushing me to write about things I do. So, Bhaili (meaning “friend” in my mother tongue Marwari) is dedicated to all my loving friends. Through Bhaili, I hope to find like-minded friends who love creative experiments. So, let’s encourage each other and share our experiences.