Bake Pure!

My last two years have been full of experiments and learning while trying so many recipes from fellow bloggers. Earlier, I used to make basic bakes, however exposure to baking groups on Facebook opened a whole new window for me. So, this when I started dabbling in healthy bakes finding alternatives and healthy substitutes.

Friends with special requirements allowed me to try natural sweeteners and low fat baking. I use alternative flours (ragi, maize flour, millet flour) and fresh fruits extracts to make bakes flavorful.

Consistence practice gave me courage to start Bake Pure! (based out of Pune, India). Objective of Bake Pure! is to let people have guilt-free indulgence. So, on this Bake Pure! page, you will find sophisticated cakes full of taste and wellness not something too fancy or elaborate.

Essence of Bake Pure! lies in egg-less bakes that are free from harsh chemicals, harmful preservatives and unfriendly colors. My mantra is to sell only those products that I would happily serve to my family.

So, here is the glimpse of some of my bakes that are loved and appreciated by family and friends.

(1) Millet sesame seed cake: I have used millet flour, jaggery, sesame seed and ghee in this cake. For additional flavor and to make it more interesting for kids, I have added pomegranate syrup. All these are iron-rich ingredients, hence this cake can be a good option if you are looking for an iron-rich dessert.


(2) Cotton cheese muffins: These muffins are made of milk, cottage-cheese, honey and whole wheat flour. A good lunch box or evening snacks options for kids and elders. It’s really easy to put together. You can have its recipe here.

egg-less-whole-wheat-muffins(3) Ragi and cardamom cookies: Ragi (or nachni) is a healthy gluten-free flour. People are now more aware about these alternative flours and their health benefits. These ragi cookies have nice crumbly texture even though there is no baking soda used in it.

raagi-cardamom-cookies(4) Whole-wheat Vanilla flavored cake: Layers are filled with mango syrup and tiny mango pieces. Frosted with fresh cream and mango slices.

egg-less-whole-wheat-mango-cake(5) Whole-wheat Chocolate Cake: This cake is loaded with chocolate and berries and the sponge is made of whole-wheat.

egg-less-Ragi-chocolate-cake(6) Whole-wheat Vanilla and Strawberry cake: Made on order. Wife wanted a strawberry cake on anniversary, but was doubtful if strawberry would look too girly. All white cream piping gave this cake such an elegant look.

whole-wheat-strawberry-cake(7) Whole-wheat Vanilla and Blueberry cake: This cake was to celebrate cute little Mayra’s first birthday. Surprisingly, her parents didn’t wanted pink but a white and blue color combination. It’s whole-wheat cake with lemon flavor and blue berry filling.

eggless-vanila-blue-berry-cakeFor further queries or inquiries, you can contact me by filling the following form: