Happy International Women’s Day!

International Women’s Day (March 8) is the global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. A day to celebrate women empowerment.

Here is madhubani painting done by me and dedicated to all women. This painting depicts my desire of right for education for all women – women educated and well aware of their rights.

International-womens-dayMy dear bhailis, it’s been a wonderful journey with you all so far. I have grown a lot and learned so much from you all. I hope you all must have learned new things and met some amazing people around.

So, on the eve of Women’s Day, I want to say few things with you all.

  • Take yourself seriously: I know we are always taught to think about others first. But the truth is we cannot keep others happy if we are unhappy. So, do things that make you happy. If you want others to take you seriously, first take yourself seriously.
  • Time is money: Yes honey, time indeed is valuable money. More valuable than that diamond ring on your finger! So dispense your time very carefully. Stop wasting time on gossips, it’s not going to take you anywhere. In fact after meaningless negative talks you feel drained.
  • Make better use of technology: We are blessed to be in this internet age. Learning anything is easy with vast range of information available on our fingertips. Use technology for your advantage and for learning new things. However, think twice before donating your time on social media watching photos of others. Rather read some news and be aware of current happenings.
  • Take out time for yourself: We all know we should exercise, but how many of us actually do so. Consistency is important. Yoga class today, aerobics tomorrow and gym the other day with lots of bunking in between. Include some form of exercise in your routine and follow it regularly and sincerely.

Take out time for some art work (or anything creative) if you have inclination for it. Even some amount of creative art work will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated. Coloring pages for grown-ups in an excellent way to sooth your overworked mind.

  • Eat healthy and fresh: It’s so easy to get tempted by convenient options and follow unhealthy eating habits. Our dadi’s and nani’s are active in their old age because they ate fresh home-cooked food. So include some multigrain and healthy food options in your diet.

It’s so easy to include amaranth laddos and millet cakes and cottage cheese in our diets.

  • Don’t compete but empower others: The sad truth is, most females are competing with each other instead of supporting and helping. Stop castigating and judging others. You never know what someone’s struggle have been and their journey so far. Together we women can achieve so much.

So here’s wishing you all a very Happy Women’s Day!

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Thank You

My heart is filled with so many thoughts and emotions as Bhaili’s first anniversary approaches on 13th October. It feels really happy and satisfying with the journey so far.

Blogging allowed me to know so many wonderful people with knowledge on different topics. I’m enriched by reading so many wisdom-rich blogs.

I remember when I was struggling for words when I sat down to write my first post – What is Madhubani Painting. However, reading and seeing others work made me more confident to present my work too.

Piyusha Vir is my ‘Guiding Angel’ – I often refer her with this name! Her command over English is inspiring. I’m always in awe how she weaves magic with her words.  You can read her interactions with aliens on her blog WanderingSoulWriter.com.

I remember I came to know Anand through commenting boot camp and his guidance in initial days was so valuable. I bet you can’t stop laughing after seeing his humorous creations on RoflWithqsm.com.

When I got few appreciations for my post on farra, I realized people will read about recipes only if it looks good. Sadly my earlier food recipe posts went unnoticed! This is when I came across Madhuri  rustic photos on MadAboutKitchen.wordpress.com.  Madhuri you are a magician – you can even make dry chilies look so glamorous.

I came to know of another Madhuri – Madurie Singh – who is so focused and inspiring. Always coming up with new ideas and working to empower women. If you are looking for guide on your kid’s school, have a look at Madhuri’s blog at MadhurieSingh.com.

When Freda cooks food, I always sit up and take notice. Efforts she take to present her food taught me to work on mine. Have a look at some of her authentic Goan food at AromaticEssence.co.

Vinayak’s knowledge and command over vast variety of art amazes me. From calligraphy to logos to hand-lettering and many more art form. I’m enriched being a regular visitor at ZeroCreativity0.wordpress.com.

Following Danny’s blog made me aware that if you want interaction on your blog, start interacting with fellow bloggers. His in-depth knowledge about blogging can be of great help to every blogger. Danny continues to help and encourage fellow bloggers at DreamBigDreamOften.co.

Questions that Akhila ask on her blog –  WordsAndNotion.wordpress.com – are so thought-provoking. I often find thinking myself that what she will come up with next. Her philosophical thoughts are always a good read.

Sonia is such a wonderful writer whose posts made me more comfortable with writing. Check her blog at scribbles50.com.

I can go on and on to write and thank so many creative people that I came to know this year. However, I will stop here and hopefully there will new names next here.

I know I have company of wonderful bloggers looking forward to many more wonderful years of blogging together.

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Fellow bloggers how do you manage time?

Since I have started blogging I’m always looking out for some more free time; time to read some more blogs. There are so many wonderful bloggers sharing their enriching experiences.

Before blogging I was greedy for free time for my art related works like doing Madhubani painting or Zentangles. Interesting posts in reader steals away so much of time. Still till date I have never ever able to complete new post in reader, there are always some post left unread.

So here is upfront question from fellow bloggers how do you all manage time. I see some blogs are so lively filled with lots of interactions. How do you people manage time?

How do you allocate time for reading other bloggers post and taking out time for commenting?

Ignore the Meaningless Noise

Last night while discussing day’s happenings with husband, a thought came to mind. There are so many noises around us but we react to only those that concern to us directly.

positive-wordsFor example, when we walk on road or are in any marketplace, we get to hear so many sounds. Like, horns of vehicles, conversations among people and endless buzz, but do we respond to all those? Certainly not!

We respond to only those voices that “we think” can affect us. So, why do we react to all the unpleasant and useless talks of people around us? Instead, why not consider these gossips or unproductive talks that bog us down as just a noise worth ignoring.

Why to waste premium space of our mind by storing unpleasant thoughts! Yes, our brain is no less than a high-end, prestigious neighborhood where trash-like things have no place. That’s why we must make a conscious effort to keep our mind free of garbage thoughts. Otherwise, it is no better than demeaning our exceptional mind space by allowing rubbish thoughts to live inside.

This is the way I try to keep myself unaffected and focused on my work and goal. I stay away from superficial talks. I consider all negative and meaningless talks as just a noise. I pretend I’m “listening”, but in reality I just “hear” those conversations.

I let my ears do their job, but keep the doors of my mind totally shut, as I cannot let its precious space to be occupied by rubbish.  When I am not absorbing what I’m hearing, then obviously I won’t react to the conversation.

Focus your energy in creative and constructive work without consuming yourself in aimless gossips. It’s better to be alone doing things you enjoy than sitting in conversation you find meaningless.

That’s why I occupy myself in Zentangles or intricate Madhubani paintings whenever I am free. Playing with my creativity gives me peace and I am able focus on my goals.

So, watch yourself and be careful of what you are letting your mind to absorb. Shut the doors of your brain when people around you question your conviction. For me, dreams are like projects. Just like, completion of any project depends on how well it is executed, fulfilling of dreams depend on how much effort you put in to bring it to reality.

Therefore, as the project leader of your dreams, it is up to you whether you are distracted by external noises or remain passionately focused on completing your project – your dream. Take responsibility of your dreams and actions, and don’t let disturbing talks affect you.

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How do you keep yourself motivated and focused on your goals?

Your Glory Lies in Your Struggle

I had read the story of lord Ram in my childhood and it stayed with me forever. The essence of the story was, glory of lord Ram lied in his exile and not as a king in Ayodhya. Had he remained in Ayodhya, he would have been just another king.

Glory in Struggle
Digital art by Sumit Agrawal (my husband).

His struggle in exile set an example for others and his patience, ethics and principles inspired many. The lesson I learned from this story is – even a king can face biggest of hardships in life, but it is his determination to overcome the storm-like difficult phase that makes him worth worshiping.

That’s why, whenever I get surrounded by bumpy phase in life, I recall story of Lord Ram. It gives me immense amount of inspiration and vigor to overcome the low phase in life.

Actually, all of us face some or the other struggles in life. It’s just that we have to find the opportunity in difficulty. After all, world remembers the fighters, not losers. World is inspired by fighters, not losers.

In my opinion, a tough phase in life is nothing but a lesson that life teaches us. The sooner we accept and learn from it, quicker we emerge stronger and winner.

Lot of people follow the principle, “winners don’t make mistake”. However, if you’ll ask me, I’ll say “winners learn from their mistake, so be proud of your failure because that is what leads to success”. This is the principle that never lets me down.

I see so many people passing through difficult times in personal and/or professional life. Mental breakdown, depression etc. have become so common among our generation. My only advice to them is to be patient and follow the above principle. It can be applied to all aspects of life (be it personal, family or professional) and it’s really very comforting.

Here, I would like to share my example when I wanted to have a baby. Trying for pregnancy and every month waiting for a positive result takes lots of patience. I know as I have been through it.  Actually, at one point in time, I felt as if every women around me is capable of getting pregnant, except me!

However, then I realized, only being patient will turn one negative line on testing strip into two positive lines (all ladies trying for pregnancy will relate to what I’m talking about), and this finally happened.

So, all my friends around, be brave and calm. Accept the hardship with a smile on face. Try converting stones into milestones, and you will find the life full of positivity. Hardships will glorify your life and write the new chapters in your book of life.

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Stopping Planning Life – Live The Moment

We are in such a habit of planning our life, that we forget that there is no surety that we would even wake up the next morning or not. Still we are always so busy planning life ahead!

Digital artwork - courtesy my husband
Digital artwork – courtesy my husband 🙂

By saying “stop planning your life”, I am not advocating being unorganized or living a reckless life. All I’m saying is, we shouldn’t spoil our present by getting too obsessed with our future.

Things happen as they are supposed to happen. Or should I say Anything can happen at anytime in our life?

Usually, disappointment and negativity creeps in our mind if wishes get delayed to become reality. However, we simply forget that wishes do become true – it’s a fact. It’s just the matter of “when”. It can happen anytime – now, tomorrow or anytime later.

Actually, most of us are aware of this. But, because of being caught-up in too much of future and imaginary thoughts, we simply overlook this fact of life.

Everything is already planned by God. My personal belief is that nothing at planning level is in our hands. All we have in our hands is our karma and we should do that sincerely.

If we are kind and good to others, good things follow us. It’s just about having faith! Let Him unfold his plans for you at the right time. In the meanwhile, love your loved ones and be affectionate towards others. Do things that give you inner peace – be it spending time in gardening or reading a good book.

What you have in your hand is your present, so live it the way you want. If you are smiling in present you will definitely keep smiling in future. If you cringe about future in present, there are hard chances you will find joy ahead!

These are just my thoughts. Do you agree with me that we should live in present?

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