Healthy Mint Drink in 5 Minutes

During my school days, once I and mom visited her friend’s place and there I tasted mint drink (pudina sharbat) for the first time. It was a hot summer afternoon and after drinking, it felt really refreshing.

Mint Drink

I still remember, that day I had indigestion problem and was not in mood to have anything. However, on aunt’s assurance that it would sooth my tummy, I gave it a try. And let me tell, it was so relieving.

I loved it instantly and its sweet and sour taste remained with me forever. That day I came to know mint leaves are full of antioxidants, helps in digestion process and beat acidity along with other health benefits.

Sattu drink is another healthy (also helps in weight-loss) option for hot scorching summer.

So, next day I tried to make this drink at home. I added paste of mint leaves in lemonade, but couldn’t replicate the same awesome taste. I experimented further by adding roasted cumin seeds powder, but that zing (which I had experienced the previous day at my aunt’s place) was still missing.

Finally, after trying so many things I gave up and asked my mom to ask her friend for the recipe. Thankfully, aunt was gracious enough to share the process.

Contrary to its so many health benefits, this drink is quite simple to make. All it requires is bringing together all ingredients and just a little more work.

That’s why in summers it hardly happens that I don’t have mint leaves in my refrigerator. It’s so handy when you want to serve your guest with something delightful in hot weather. I have served this wonderful drink to my several guests and it has never happened that they have not asked its recipe. So amazing is its taste!

In summer women are tangled with acne and oily skin, and that is when mint helps in cleansing skin and making it free of pimples. So, if you are satisfied with just few of these benefits (it has many more), include mint leaves in your daily diet (like – mint chutney). Search further if you need more reasons! 🙂

So, here is the simple recipe of this fabulous summer drink.

Ingredients (makes 2 glasses)

Mint Drink ingredients

  • Mint (pudina) leaves: 1 bunch
  • Lemon juice: 2tbsp
  • Honey/Sugar: 1tbsp
  • Black Salt: 1tsp
  • Few ice-cubes
  • Water: 2 glasses


  • Grind mint leaves, sugar (sweeten according to your taste) and lemon juice in a mixer and make a paste of it. Strain the paste and add water and black salt.
  • Add some ice cubes and serve immediately.

P.S: Make it just before serving otherwise it will not taste that fresh.

Mint drink to be served

So, instead of unhealthy, full-of-preservatives ready-made drink, treat yourself and your guests with this healthy cool mint drink. Go green and be healthy!

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