Stopping Planning Life – Live The Moment

We are in such a habit of planning our life, that we forget that there is no surety that we would even wake up the next morning or not. Still we are always so busy planning life ahead!

Digital artwork - courtesy my husband
Digital artwork – courtesy my husband 🙂

By saying “stop planning your life”, I am not advocating being unorganized or living a reckless life. All I’m saying is, we shouldn’t spoil our present by getting too obsessed with our future.

Things happen as they are supposed to happen. Or should I say Anything can happen at anytime in our life?

Usually, disappointment and negativity creeps in our mind if wishes get delayed to become reality. However, we simply forget that wishes do become true – it’s a fact. It’s just the matter of “when”. It can happen anytime – now, tomorrow or anytime later.

Actually, most of us are aware of this. But, because of being caught-up in too much of future and imaginary thoughts, we simply overlook this fact of life.

Everything is already planned by God. My personal belief is that nothing at planning level is in our hands. All we have in our hands is our karma and we should do that sincerely.

If we are kind and good to others, good things follow us. It’s just about having faith! Let Him unfold his plans for you at the right time. In the meanwhile, love your loved ones and be affectionate towards others. Do things that give you inner peace – be it spending time in gardening or reading a good book.

What you have in your hand is your present, so live it the way you want. If you are smiling in present you will definitely keep smiling in future. If you cringe about future in present, there are hard chances you will find joy ahead!

These are just my thoughts. Do you agree with me that we should live in present?

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Author: Megha Agrawal

Hi there, I'm Megha Agrawal based in Pune, India. I love painting, cooking, reading and trying different DIY crafts in my free time. Blessed with a loving family and friends who keep encouraging me in my new endeavors.

15 thoughts on “Stopping Planning Life – Live The Moment”

  1. This is a lovely post Megha and we completely agree. We should try and live in the present as much as possible and not take anything (or anyone) for granted. It’s good to have some plans, but we should be flexible with them as you never know what the future holds; approaching the future with a clear vision, open hearts and an open mind is usually best. 🙂

  2. In my craft business, I have to plan ahead especially when it comes to booking/scheduling shows. But in daily life, as my own boss, I have the flexibility to live in the present, with what happens between shows. But one of my long-term goals is to strive to be more organized instead of a procrastinator, so I guess that would result in doing more in the present instead of waiting for the unpredictable future. 🙂

    1. Thanks for taking out time and commenting Freda. I would love to know what’s your thinking process? Do you enjoy living in present or get trap in worries while thinking of future?

    1. Thanks for appreciation Komal. Sharing these positives thoughts with others filled my life with lots of positive energy.

    1. You are generous with your words Michele. No doubt you are a wonderful writer, had great time reading some of your posts.

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