Abstract Canvas Painting – Tryst after a Long Wait

In this post I will tell you how after a long time I got time and chance to try my hands on canvas painting. Actually, I was pining to paint on canvas for long time, but was unable to take out time from my busy schedule in Pune.

So, finally (late August) when the plan for holiday was made for my hometown Bhagalpur, Bihar (where my fascination for Madhubani painting started) it was like – “now I’ll be able to paint on canvas”. To be honest, the excitement was more for getting my hands on canvas than meeting my family 🙂

At my mom’s place it’s still a typical Marwari joint family – 15 people staying together in a home. So, for Narayani (my daughter) it’s no less than heaven, lots of attention and tons of pampering. And this automatically implies lots of free time for me.

Earlier (before Narayani came in our life), going to mom’s place meant sleeping, lazing around, watching movies, chit-chatting and shopping. However, this time all I wanted was some quiet time for myself so that I could complete my long to-do list (canvas painting was on top of that list).

I took required painting stationary along with me from Pune itself, as I didn’t wanted to waste time there while running around buying stationery.

I discussed my plan to paint with my loving cousin Sneha. She is a NIFT (Gandhinagar, Gujarat) Graduate and herself a great artist. She said, “Since it’s been long time you painted on canvas, Di (she fondly calls me Di) you should start with an abstract art”.

Here, I must tell that till a couple of months back, I had been painting only on paper or glass bottle, and was completely out of sync with canvas painting. So, she rightly suggested going for an abstract art. She also advised to work with acrylic colors (instead of oil-based colors), because I had only around 2 weeks to complete the painting.

While painting with acrylic colors you have to be very quick and focused. As colors dry up fast, it needs to be blended quickly to get seamless shades. The positive part is since acrylic colors dry up quickly you can proceed with next layer of paint without waiting much (unlike oil colors). However, painting with oil colors has its own beauty and depth.

As Sneha herself is an artist, she understood my precipitation to paint. She wholeheartedly supported my tryst with canvas painting – at times even baby-sitting Narayani for 2 hours at a stretch, so that I can finish the painting within 2 weeks time-frame.

I got the full support of my mother as well. I sincerely believe that without her backing I couldn’t have finished this project in time. I am saying this because it was my mom who took complete care of Narayani, and I literally had nothing to worry about my angel. It was a phase when I was fully engrossed in my canvas and colors.

Abstract Canvas Painting
The Final Outcome

I must also like to add that I had planned my canvas painting project in Pune itself. As I mentioned earlier in the post, I had carried all the required things from Pune to avoid last minute hiccups. Also, I had already discussed my painting plan with mom and sister.

Actually, I just didn’t wanted to surprise (or shock) them at the last moment that this time around not to count me in their shopping and outing affairs. It was just to make-up their mind 🙂 This time, I simply wanted to focus on my work and utilize my time in a productive manner.