Remembering Brothers on Bhai-dooj

Last night while going to sleep a thought occurred to me, why is it that in our Indian culture we don’t have mother’s day or father’s day? Instead we celebrate bond of brother and sister on Raksha-bandhan and Bhai-dooj.

I’m sure there must be some legend behind why we celebrate Bhai-dooj. But when discussed with elders at home I got this reason and I quite agree to it. They said in our culture parents stay together with children or if I put in a better way we stay with our parents even when we are grown up. Unless, our work requirement makes us to stay apart so, apparently we don’t need days to remember our parents.

While brother and sister are separated after sister’s marriage, so we celebrate their love on these two occasions. Also, these occasions give them chance to meet. Sister visits brother on Raksha-bandhan and brother visits sister on Bhai-dooj.  We celebrate Bhai-dooj on second day after Diwali.

I never thought it in this way that in India we have festivals only for brother-sister relationship.

We sisters understand that our brothers are busy in their life but give us a call sometimes for no reason at all. Just a phone call from brother makes a girl forget all her worries and reassures her of her parents well being.

We sisters always have well wishes for brothers well being and success in our hearts. Our hearts swell in pride on your achievements. Remembering all my loving brothers on this Bhai-dooj and sending love to you all.