Thank You

My heart is filled with so many thoughts and emotions as Bhaili’s first anniversary approaches on 13th October. It feels really happy and satisfying with the journey so far.

Blogging allowed me to know so many wonderful people with knowledge on different topics. I’m enriched by reading so many wisdom-rich blogs.

I remember when I was struggling for words when I sat down to write my first post – What is Madhubani Painting. However, reading and seeing others work made me more confident to present my work too.

Piyusha Vir is my ‘Guiding Angel’ – I often refer her with this name! Her command over English is inspiring. I’m always in awe how she weaves magic with her words.  You can read her interactions with aliens on her blog

I remember I came to know Anand through commenting boot camp and his guidance in initial days was so valuable. I bet you can’t stop laughing after seeing his humorous creations on

When I got few appreciations for my post on farra, I realized people will read about recipes only if it looks good. Sadly my earlier food recipe posts went unnoticed! This is when I came across Madhuri  rustic photos on  Madhuri you are a magician – you can even make dry chilies look so glamorous.

I came to know of another Madhuri – Madurie Singh – who is so focused and inspiring. Always coming up with new ideas and working to empower women. If you are looking for guide on your kid’s school, have a look at Madhuri’s blog at

When Freda cooks food, I always sit up and take notice. Efforts she take to present her food taught me to work on mine. Have a look at some of her authentic Goan food at

Vinayak’s knowledge and command over vast variety of art amazes me. From calligraphy to logos to hand-lettering and many more art form. I’m enriched being a regular visitor at

Following Danny’s blog made me aware that if you want interaction on your blog, start interacting with fellow bloggers. His in-depth knowledge about blogging can be of great help to every blogger. Danny continues to help and encourage fellow bloggers at

Questions that Akhila ask on her blog – – are so thought-provoking. I often find thinking myself that what she will come up with next. Her philosophical thoughts are always a good read.

Sonia is such a wonderful writer whose posts made me more comfortable with writing. Check her blog at

I can go on and on to write and thank so many creative people that I came to know this year. However, I will stop here and hopefully there will new names next here.

I know I have company of wonderful bloggers looking forward to many more wonderful years of blogging together.

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