Free Printable Coloring Page

Some time back one of my bhaili shared a link to adult coloring pages. Since I had no idea about it, my first thought was what’s wrong with her? Why is she sharing such coloring pages links with me?

Slowly I heard about it from others too, so finally decided to check it. I realized the way I find art relaxing and meditative, many people connect similarly with coloring pages.

Not all are blessed with skill to sketch or do some art. But, we can surely do some creative coloring. After all, we all have done coloring in our childhood days. Wasn’t it so much fun being surrounded by colorful pencils!

free-coloring-sheetSo, a thought occurred of why not share my coloring page with you. It’s is a free printable page which you can very well use for coloring. Just get yourself a pack of coloring pencils and choose color combination you like and go with the flow 🙂

To start with, you can also opt for fine tip marker pens.

free-printable-coloring-sheetI am sure, you will thoroughly enjoy it and your mind will be relaxed on completion. As it’s an intricate pattern page, it will require all your concentration – just like meditation. I can say this because I really enjoy and feel relaxing when I do intricate Madhubani paintings or create Zentagles.

Coloring Page

Even you can use this coloring page, as it’s a free download. You just have to download the above image (right-click and “Save as”), get it printed on A4 size paper and get set with your color box.

I have already taken out a printout for me to start coloring. Since, this is the first time I’m sharing coloring page, feel free to share your suggestions.

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