Personalized Paper Bag

Personalized gifts have special significance. They show, you took out time and made efforts to make someone feel special.

Personalized Paper Bags for gifting

Gifting store-bought things are always an easy option. However, doing things by hand and personalizing pulls heart strings.

Having said that, personalizing gifts doesn’t need to be too fancy. It can be simple as well, and if done neatly it looks good. Also, it will be much more economical than any store-bought personalized gift.

In this post, I will show you how I transformed a boring-looking brown grocery bag into a cute gift bag.

Plain Grocery Bag for personalization

Since the occasion was baby shower I chose clothe string concept.

Step 1:

Measured the required diagonal length of red ribbon and cut it accordingly.  Applied glue and stuck it as shown.

Personalized gift bag - step1

Step 2:

Drew the desired shape on any paper and cut it. Then used that paper cutout to trace the shape on felt, and cut the required no. of shapes.

Personalized gift bag - step2

Step 3:

Pasted the felt cutouts on paper bag. As I had used small-sized (7″x9″) bags, therefore I chose three different shapes. If you have a larg bag you can accordingly plan for no. of shapes. Basically, all boils down aesthetics of the finished bag.

Personalized gift bag - step3

Added detailing to the shapes with a marker pen. I drew nozzle of bottle, wheels of carriage and buttons on dress to add prominence.

Step 4:

In order to further highlight the shapes, I then outlined the cutouts with silver glitter.

Personalized gift bag - step4

Originally, I had envisaged the personalized paper-bag till this stage. However, on completion I felt it wasn’t looking that lively and colorful as a baby shower gift bag should look. There was still some space left for adding creativity.

So, the idea of painting some stars clicked to me, but then I realized it would require too much time painting each bag, and due to time crunch it was not feasible to complete them in time.

Then I suddenly saw punch-craft tools on my table and an idea popped. I thought, small shapes (like – star, apple, leaf) in different colors when stuck on brown bag will look colorful.

Step 5:

So, without wasting any time I punched quite a no. of shapes from different colored sheets. It was fun punching these shapes, and my daughter enjoyed it too – calling out color of sheet and then giving it to me to punch it. 🙂

Personalized gift bag - step5

Step 6:

Randomly pasted the punched-out shapes on bags. Then tied red ribbons to make handles to hold the bag.  Addition of red color makes the bag more colorful. Finally, my personalized baby shower gift bags were ready to be delivered on time.

Personalized gift bag - step6

I hope this would have given you an idea how anyone can personalize a paper bag according to the occasion. Feel free to ask me questions in case of doubt. I will be more than happy to help.

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