How to Create a Madhubani Painting Tree Planter?

Festive season is around the corner and everyone of us are look for ideas to decorate our homes. So, what could be better choice than using simple ideas to create functional decorative pieces.

Here I’m sharing an easy process using which you can create a folk art inspired planter all by yourself. Its  eco-friendly and cost effective too. You can use any waste jar to create this beautiful tree-planter.

DIY tree planter

In this pot, I have incorporated popular motifs of Madhubani art. Madhubani painting is a popular Indian folk art and anyone can learn it. You can read my post on How to do Madhubani painting in six easy steps to learn more about techniques of this art.

Materials required to transform a plastic jar to plant pot

  • Plastic jar
  • Ceramic powder
  • Fevicol (adhesive)
  • Old piece of cotton cloth of container size
  • Painting brushes: 1 flat and one fine tip round brush
  • Acrylic colors: white, brown
  • Clear varnish
  • Water


First I will explain how I have created the base for this pot from an old plastic container.

  • Clean and dry the container before proceeding with further work. Measure and cut cloth as per the size of the container.

DIY tree planter - materials

  • In a bowl take ceramic powder and Fevicol in 3:1 ratio and mix it. Add small amount of water to make a thick paste.
  • Dip the cloth in this paste and evenly spread it on container. Make sure that cloth is spread smoothly all around or else you will find it difficult to paint.


  • Let it dry for few hours.

Coloring work

  • Now with the flat brush, apply base brown color all over. Again let it dry for 3-4 hours.

DIY tree planter - step4

  • Using fine tip round brush, we will now paint foreground motifs with white color. You can see more of madhubani motifs here and paint free hand as per your liking. You can even paint mandalas here if you enjoy creating mandalas. You may like to read post on how to draw mandala in six easy steps.
  • Apply 3-4 coats of clear varnish once the paint dries.

DIY tree planter

Note – Before planting any plant of your choice, do create a hole (approx 1 cm diameter) at the bottom of planter to allow water drainage.

I truly enjoy creating such small personalized home decor and gifts. You can also check how I created this personalized door nameplate and key-holder.

Adding such homemade pieces makes house our home and creates homely feeling. I hope you enjoy creating this easy planter.

Ask me if you have any doubt while creating this pot or while practicing Madhubani art. I will be most happy to help. Thanks for reading and hope to see you here again.

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Kids Craft Idea – Key-holder

Keeping kids busy is a necessity and what could be better than keeping them occupied in doing something creative. Naturally, all kids are creative and they love creating something. They also enjoy seeing their creation displayed.

Therefore, a key-holder is a wonderful craft idea for kids, because it can be a nice household utility as well. So, in this post I’ll explain the procedure to make a key-holder that even your can make.

Key holder

Things required

  • Hard-board (or thin ply-board of 2mm-3mm thickness) cut-out
  • Hooks for holding keys
  • White M-Seal used for art and craft
  • Acrylic color
  • Baby talc
  • Adhesive (Fevicol)
  • Bowl to make paste
  • Fork
  • Coloring brush
  • Varnish
  • Rolling pin
  • Knife/cutter
  • Water
  • Rough cloth


  • You can use hard-board of any size. I had this rectangular piece with me, so went ahead with it. You can get different (shapes and designs) hard-board cutouts at any art and craft store.  I opted for ‘Om’ symbol because it blended well, and fixed it (with nails) to rectangular hardboard piece.

Key holder hardboard cutout

  • Screw-in the hooks at appropriate position (as shown in above image). My husband helped me in this task. You can get these screws at any hardware store and get it fixed there.
  • Now the fun part for kids begins. First you’ll need adhesive and baby talc.

Key holder adhesive and talc

  • Mix 2 tbsp talc and approx 1 tbsp adhesive (e.g. Fevicol) to make a thick paste. Add just few drop of water to dilute this paste. Spread this paste all over the hard-board. Let it dry slightly for around 10 minutes and then create textures with help of a fork. Ask your child to make any random pattern or texture. Leave it overnight drying.

Key holder base coating

  • You can get white M-seal (used for art and craft work) from any craft store. In India, it’s popularly known as Shilpkar (from Fevicryl). To use Shilpkar, mix the resin base and hardener in equal proportion to form even dough. Sprinkle little amount talcum powder on hands to avoid sticking.

Key holder white mseal

  • Switch-off the fan while working with M-Seal because it hardens very quickly. Additionally keep it covered under its wrapper to protect it from drying. Kids do take time to make shapes from it.
  • With the help of rolling-pin, roll out some dough. Use knife/cutter to cut out one square and triangle shape from it.

Key holder dough-work

  • Apply some glue and stick the shapes on board to make a hut. You can get your your kid to add further detailing using the same dough. To form border, dough is now shaped like long tail and pasted on edges of board with the help of glue.

Key holder dough-work

  • After completing the m-seal work, let it to dry for approximately 2 hours. IF you are intrested in m-seal craft have a look at personalized nameplate.
  • Next is coloring stage which kids are really excited about. First, color the background and then proceed to fill color in foreground. Add detailing (keeping in mind kids’ comfort) with a small brush. In this project, detailing was added in the hut.

Key holder coloring-work

  • Leave it to completely dry for 10-12 hours and then apply varnish. Varnish works as a shield from wear and tear. With a coating of varnish, you can also clean it regularly with moist cloth.

Key holder varnishing

So, the key holder is finally complete and can be used to hang keys. Your child will be glad to see his/her creation being used for such a wonderful purpose.

If you like recycling and gifting personalized gifts you will surly like to know how I painted these glass bottles and turned them into vases.

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DIY Valentine’s Day Gift

Some of my friends often say that they also want to try their hands with painting, but using brush sounds difficult. So, I thought why not paint something that others (for those who find painting with brush quite difficult) can also easily follow.

DIY Bottle ArtI revamped these bottles (above image) for gifting purpose, and do you know I did this whole work without using single stroke of brush! To be honest, no expertise is needed this simple technique and even children can happily do this.

You can also have a look how I created dotted bottles or if in mood for some intricate work see Ganapati on bottle.

We all need affirmations (positive words and messages), so I thought based on this theme why not create a DIY Valentine’s Day gift for my husband.

I have clicked pictures of each step. This should help you create your similar personalized gift too.

Things Required

  • Glass bottles
  • Acrylic colors (lemon yellow, brown, and white) – You can use color of your choice.
  • Color palette
  • Sponge (substitute of brush)
  • Brush (just for mixing colors and varnishing)
  • Permanent marker pens
  • Clear varnish


  • We all have these empty sauce bottles in our kitchen. I have used these to turn them into home decorative. Soak the bottles in warm soapy water and leave overnight. Then clean and dry them before use.

Old bottles

  • Take the acrylic color of your choice. I have taken lemon yellow color and mixed it with white and just a hint of brown to get this shade. Properly mix them with brush.
  • Now take color on sponge and start dabbing on bottle. Start from the top (nozzle part) and gradually proceed down and cover the whole bottle with paint. Follow the same process with both the bottles. Bottom image (collage below) is shown after completion of single coating.

Paint dabbing on bottle

  • Let it dry for minimum two hours. Apply the second coat of color following the same process. After second coat you will get uniform paint all over the bottle. I was in hurry to proceed further and simply forgot to click picture after completion of second coat of paint.
  • After drying, with the help of marker pen write words/messages of your choice. I chose “Be Positive” for the center, and then scattered words like – smile, sparkle, shine, hugs, passion, love etc.
  • As occasion was Valentines Day, so filled empty places with hearts, smiles and stars.
Finished Bottles
Finished Bottles

This is just to give you an idea and a spark to your creative mind. Choose the words or feelings you want to express. It after all has to be a personalized gift. We often can express better in writing than speaking. 🙂

You may not want your hard work to fade away or wear out. So, apply a layer of clear varnish with the help of brush. Varnish seals the paint and keep it intact for years. Let it dry overnight.

So, your gift is ready. Isn’t it simple and easy? Trust me you will have wonderful time creating it.

Don’t forget to gift wrap it before surprising your loved one with this cute DIY gift.

If you have any doubt while doing this art work do ask me. I will be most happy to help you. If you happen to try this, do share it with me. I’d love to see how it turned out.

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