How to Make Butter at Home

I and my family are addicted to home-made butter and home-made ghee. I can’t recall the last time I used store-bought butter which is loaded with stabilizer and preservatives.

Home-made butter made from malai

I constantly strive in ways I can make my food preparations sans preservatives. Using home-made chutneys, ghee and butter is a step in this direction.

Taking out butter at home is simple process further simplified by using blender to extract butter from malai.

How to skim malai from milk?

My bhaili’s often ask me how I skim malai from milk. It’s pretty simple! After boiling full cream milk, do not disturb it and keep it aside. When cooled shift it to refrigerator. After few hours there is thick layer of malai on top of the milk.

Carefully remove it and store in covered bowl in refrigerator. I normally take out butter from malai accumulated over 7 – 10 days.


When I know that next morning I will be extracting butter, I take out bowl from freezer and leave it out overnight. By next morning the frozen malai gets melted and ready to be processed.

Traditional method of stirring by hand can be followed for extracting butter. However, I prefer blender to do it for me. Call me lazy, I call it using my time wisely. 🙂

Procedure to extract butter:

  • Transfer the malai to blender (fill the jar half) and add some cold water to it. Churn the blender for about 2 minutes. You will get thick dense paste. Now keep churning and stopping till you see butter separated from milk.
extracting butter from malai
Extracting butter from malai

You need to be patient as at times this gets tricky and this game continues for 10-15 minutes. When we are not using our muscles, then at least we can be patient. See I do spills some words of wisdom. 🙂

  • Collect the butter in a bowl and wash the butter. Yes, you read it right, we will wash the butter! Take the butter in a bowl and add some water into it. Don’t worry your hard-work wont go waste in water. Washing removes any milk residue from butter and prevent any stale smell.
unsalted butter
Unsalted Butter

You can use the butter in the unsalted form or can beautify it with some makeup. 🙂 I do keep aside some unsalted white butter for using in some recipes which require unsalted butter.

Makeover Time

Add little salt and orange/ yellow food color and mix a little. On mixing it will absorb the color and salt, and become light and fluffy. Transfer it to a container and keep it refrigerated.

Making home-made butter

Enjoy it with hot multi-grain paratha or stuffed paratha or crisp toasts. I get a sense of satisfaction whenever I put on table such home-made stuffs. I know it does take little effort, but when we know it is good for our family, we don’t mind walking that extra mile, isn’t it!

home-made butter
Home-made butter ready to be served

Do you agree with me that we should avoid preservatives as much as possible? Do share your views I would love to know your feedback.

Thank you for reading and spending your valuable time here.