Door Name Plate – A Good House Warming Gift Option

One of my bhaili Komal moved into her new home and I was thinking of gifting her personalized house warming present. I prefer gifting something handmade by me instead of ready-made store-bought gift.

So, I was wondering what could be a suitable gift. I considered gifting a Madhubani painting or some Ganesha bottle paintings for shelf in her drawing room. Then realized even she is blessed with a mischievous daughter, so she might not prefer decorating her home with delicate showpieces as of now.

Finally, after lot of thinking I finally decided to gift her a personalized name plate. So, here I will be show you how I made this name plate for my bhaili.

Before starting the work I thought it would be a better idea to discuss it with her. If they have already bought a nameplate or they wanted their first names or last name on the name plate etc. So, when we met next time, I brought up the topic that I was thinking of making nameplate for her new home. She was really happy that I have thought about her and was planning to make something for her.

She confirmed they have not yet bought nameplate and they would like to have their last name. The smile on her face that day made me think, she would have a bigger smile when she will finally see the finished nameplate. πŸ™‚

I had this plain wooden name plate with me. So, I planned the design and layout of the nameplate. Once the design was finalized I proceeded further. name plateI have used these materials in making this nameplate: wooden name-plate, Fevicryl Shilpkar (white M-Seal), Fevicol, plaster-of-paris (POP), varnish, old cotton cloth, Fevicryl acrylic colors, Camel-3D Cone, brushes, palette, paper-cutter, toothpick, pencil, talcum powder.

Things Required for Name Plate
Things Required for Name Plate

Following is the procedure:

  • Made a thick paste of POP, Fevicol and water (all in equal proportion). Spread it on the board with the help of a spoon and gave texture with the help of a toothpick.

    After coating plaster-of-paris
    After coating POP mixture
  • In the same paste, I dipped old thin cotton cloth and spread it on the empty surface (with POP paste not applied) on the board.
  • Left the board to dry for a day.
  • While the board was drying, I made Ganpati on leaf by giving shape to Shilpkar. This was made separately and stuck on board (post drying) with Fevicol. Here I would like to mention that Fevicryl Shilpkar (or white M-seal) can be bought from any stationery and craft store. To use Shilpkar, mix the resin base and hardener in equal proportion to make a smooth dough. You may sprinkle little talcum powder on your hands to avoid stickiness.
  • Before writing the name with M-seal, I gently wrote the name with pencil on the board. This helps in better utilization of space and equal distance between letters. Now, the dough was rolled in thick long coil and was pasted on the board with the help of Fevicol.

    After Shilpkar Detailing
    After Shilpkar Detailing
  • Then left it to dry for 2 hours and then applied black acrylic color all over the board. Again, leave the color to dry completely before moving to next step. Don’t worry, we will make a colorful name-plate, this black color is just a base coat. πŸ™‚

    Black Coating
    Black Coating
  • Start with the darkest shade and then move towards the lighter shade. I started from center, with the darkest color.Start-applying-color
  • I applied white colors on parts I wanted to highlight the most. Like name, two parallel lines and string of the curtain on left side of the name-plate. (Since it’s a name-plate for the door, the name should be visible from distance and even in low light. So, white color is the perfect choice for it).
  • With the help of 3D cone-liner, I then made a Swastika on the top-right and Om on the bottom-left. These are auspicious symbols and blend well with Ganpati, also this added little detailing on the nameplate.

    Done with coloring
  • Left to dry for 10-12 hours and then applied varnish. Varnish actually protects the coating of paint from wear and tear. Also, varnish being water-proof, regular cleaning can be done with moist cloth. Komal is very hygiene-conscious and always keeps her home sparkling clean, so I had to think about how she can clean it regularly.
    Final Nameplate with varnish

    So, the nameplate is finally complete and I will gift it to my bhaili. I hope she likes it and I get to see a bigger smile on her face. πŸ™‚