How to Smartly Dress-up for Festive Season?

Pre-Diwali period is a busy time for us ladies. Everything from cleaning and decorating homes to shopping for all, there are plenty of errands to be run. In this busy schedule little time is left to plan about our dressing.

So, in the last minute jiffy, we either buy new ethnic clothes without paying enough thought, or end-up dressing something boring from our existing lot.

Then we see our friends’ photos on Facebook and then think, Oh no! even I had similar waistband, I could have blended it, it’s looking so good on her. So, instead of lamenting later why not take few small steps to avoid being in this situation. Or should I say, why not be at the other side of the fence, i.e. make your friends envious of you.

Now, only requirement is, we have to plan our dressing beforehand. Because with last minute dressing there are always a chance of messing up. So, work out your looks in advance because it doesn’t take much time to get everything together.

By applying few smart but simple tricks, we can get a stunning look by using our existing clothes and jewelry too. Yes, by following some tips, without doubt you can reduce stress on your festival budget and that too without compromising on your styling. Above all, this will bring smile on your hubby’s face šŸ™‚

Talking about myself, I don’t buy new clothes and accessories for every occasion. My creative instincts always push me to design new looks with the things I own.

Me all dressed-up
Me all dressed-up

For example, I still have my college days’ dresses with me and I do wear them sometimes. Of course, it feels really great that I still manage to fit in them. Best part of keeping your older clothes is that they keep you motivated to be active and and be in shape.


Long kurtis or ethnic jackets as top, and ghagras as bottom is a popular trend these days. So, what if I say pair your salwarkameez with ghagara, use duppata of any other dress to create a contrasting look. Now, don’t think too much, it will look good!

Kurti and Ethnic Jacket with Ghagra
Kurti and Ethnic Jacket with Ghagra

I don’t get blouses stitched for every saree I have. I rather have some heavy Sequence blouses in red, green, golden, beige and silver. Try contrasting blouse with saree to create different look – as shown in the below picture.

Contrasting Blouse with Saree
Contrasting Blouse with Saree

P.S. – Do try your blouse that you decide to wear, because heavy blouses are worn once in a while and may be tight or loose. Prior trial will save last minute hassles.


Can’t wait further to discuss about jewelry, it’s my favorite topic and I can talk endlessly on it – OK don’t worry I’ll try to keep this post short and will not bore you šŸ™‚

I really love deciding the looks for my close friends and aunts for different occasions, and thankfully they do agree with my suggestions. My mom often takes my input regarding saree and jewelry combination that she plans for any event.

However, if by any chance I’m engrossed in some work and unable to help her at that moment, then do you know you what’s her reaction is? She says, “No problem! People will just say that daughter is jewelry designer, but her mom doesn’t know how to dress-up with jewelry. So, let it be.”

Really, mom’s can get dramatic at times. But, then it’s a common trait across mothers of all generation. They know how to deal with their children. Isn’t it! Even I – with only two years of motherhood experience – have learned quite a few tricks of the trade šŸ™‚

OK, enough of digressing (or else I may not be able keep the promise of keeping this post short), I’ll come back to the topic. Once your dress is finalized, it’s time to pick the jewelry.

According to the work and detailing of your chosen dress, decide the color of jewelry. If the saree has silver work, go for diamond or white gold jewelry. If it has golden work then you can choose from yellow or antique-finish gold jewelry.

Head accessories are very much in vogue and you can easily use your pendants to dress-up your crown. I have shown two looks, one is with regular mangtikka and other one is pendant used as mangtikka.

Head Accessories Maangtikka and Pendant
Head Accessories – Maangtikka (left) and Pendant (Right)

Layering is very much in trend, be it in clothes or jewelry. Combine pendant sets and long neck-pieces to get an awesome royal look. However, just make sure you are blending same color-tone jewelry. Like, in this picture I have worn yellow antique-finish gold necklace and kundan jewelry. Don’t mix white, yellow and antique-yellow all in one look.

Layered Neck-pieces
Layered Neck-pieces

Hands are the most active body part, so get lot of attention. Therefore, use hath-phools to make onlookers’ stare a worthwhile.


Just in case you don’t have hath-phools, go for lots of bangles to create stack-able bangle look. Big cocktail rings also add to drama, so let them in too.

Stackable Bangles
Stack-able Bangles

If you have been constantly working-out to get a slim waist this festive season, then flaunt it with a waistband or a kamarband. You can use long chain to make a kamarband, it looks equally good. Here, I have used a long pearl string as kamarband and a pearl key-chain to blend with it.

Pearl String as Kamarband
Pearl String as Kamarband

It was fun wearing all these jewelry pieces for this post.


I really enjoyed, and even my daughter had a fun-time with her mummy giving different poses every now and then and getting clicked by her papa šŸ™‚

Finally, the best part of whatever I have suggested above is, you don’t have to go shopping. You just need to scan your wardrobe, because we normally have so many stuffs that if put-on our thinking cap, we can make use of them splendidly. If you are further interested in reading about jewelry, then check my website on diamond jewelry.

By the way, don’t forget to share your tips if you also know a thing or two about using your existing things smartly – that will save on useless expenditure on fashion and styles. Let’s get our other Bhailis to try those too.

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