Shining Gem of Indian jewelry- Navaratna Jewelry

Conversation with a dear bhaili made me realize, though Navaratna jewelry is popular these days, only few realize its astrological significance. Ladies are attracted to it as it’s colorful and blends with most of the outfits and compliment all skin tones.

However, there is more to it than just showing off a Navaratna necklace as a statement jewelry.

Navaratna NecklaceWhat is the significance of Navaratna jewelry?

The term “Navaratna” means “nine gems”. Navaratna jewelry is associated with rich colorful gemstones and has astrological significance. It’s considered as a symbolic of luck and prosperity.

Why is it so popular these days?

Navaratna jewelry has a grand royal larger-than-life look to it. The vivid-colored shimmering stones can bring life to even your dull pastel colored outfits. Earlier it was considered as the jewelry of the royals. With the passage of time things have change and anyone willing to spend some generous amount of money can buy it.

How has it changed over period of time?

Earlier Navaratna jewelry meant only heavy sets with lots of gold making it bulking and pricey. These days light weight contemporary touch Navaratna jewelry is available.

Historically speaking, Navaratna jewels were mostly worn as a good-luck charm in either pendants or rings. However, these days Navaratna is popular in all kinds of jewelry – be it necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings.

Navaratna EarringsIs there any specific order in which gems are placed in a Navaratna jewelry?

Navaratna jewelry is conceptualized around Solar System with ruby in the center (representing the Sun) encircled by 8 planetary gemstones, the combination of which is considered very scared and regal. So it’s very Important that in Navaratna jewelry piece placement of gems should be as shown in the below image.

Position of 9 gems in navaratna jewelry
Position of 9 gems in navaratna jewelry

Following are the 9 gemstones of Navaratna jewelry along with their symbolic meaning and therapeutic relevance:

  1. Ruby (Sun): Health, wisdom, wealth and love.
  2. Diamond (Venus): Name, fame and creativity.
  3. Pearl (Moon): Strength to heart.
  4. Red Coral (Mars): Courage and cure of blood related diseases.
  5. Hessonite or Garnet (moon’s ascending node, i.e. “Rahu” in Hindu mythology): Fulfills ambitions, improves social relationships and protects from sudden misfortune.
  6. Blue sapphire (Saturn): Wisdom and purity, and protects from evil effects of Saturn.
  7. Cat’s Eye (moon’s descending node, i.e. “Ketu” in Hindu mythology): Protection from enemies, mysterious dangers and diseases.
  8. Yellow sapphire (Jupiter): Success in career and stability in love-life.
  9. Emerald (Mercury): Protection from illnesses, physical danger and evil.

Do you know, when only one gemstone is worn, its effect is limited to only that corresponding planet or a specific problem. While wearing a Navaratna ornament results in positive energy of all nine planetary gemstones.

You can add Navaratna jewelry to your jewelry collection even without consulting any astrologer and without worrying about any adverse effect. If the placement of gems in Navaratna jewelry is in order it always bring positive result to the wearer.

Happy shopping!