Healthy Peanut Chikki

I thought why not make the first post of 2016 something sweet and healthy. Coincidentally, I made these peanut chikki’s  and these sweet things made the first entry here in the New Year.

Since childhood these peanut chikki’s or peanut brittle’s are my cherished treats. No doubt it’s liked by my daughter too. peanut chikkiAt home it’s prepared and kept in jars on dining table and too difficult to let go the urge of biting these crunchy chikki’s. Everyone of us at home get tempted and keep on munching them and it’s finished in no time. Requests for the next batch of crisp chikki start soon in the family.

There is no fix time to relish these brittle’s. Unlike desserts,  we nibble these sweet crumbly things at anytime of the day. These comes handy to satisfy late night hunger pangs. 🙂

These chikkis or jaggery bars are easy to make and healthy too. There are lots of benefits of having jaggery especially in winters. The inherent property of jaggery (according to Ayurveda) is warm thus it’s advisable to consume jaggery in winters. It provides warmth to our body and strengthens body immunity.

These chikkis are instant source of energy and are desi substitute for fancy energy bars. After running around my daughter the whole day, when I feel exhausted and need some energy then this peanut chikki gives me instant energy.


  • Roasted peanuts: 250gm
  • Jaggery: 250gm
  • Water: ½ cup
  • Ghee for greasing


  • Roast the peanuts and remove the skin while they are warm, on cooling its little difficult to remove the skin. Crush them in halves.roasted peanuts
  • Heat the jaggery and water and make thick syrup. After 15 minutes you will notice syrup leaving the sides.Jaggery syrup
  • To check if syrup is ready, drop few drops of syrup in bowl of water. If the drops maintain their shape in water then it means syrup is ready and can be proceeded to the next step.Testing syrup
  • Add the crushed groundnuts in the syrup. Mix well and take off the flame.adding peanuts in syrup
  • Now it’s time to set chikki. Grease the kitchen counter with ghee and spread the mixture on it. Be careful as the mixture will be quite hot. It can also be set in greased plates. Choose the option you find convenient.transfer to set
  • Now with the help of rolling pin flatten the semi-liquid melt.shaping chikki
  • Let it cool and give impression with knife. Break into pieces after cooling. cutting chikkiFinally store it in air-tight container and enjoy it till it last. You will be surprised how quickly it disappears!

You can add nuts of your choices apart from peanut like cashew, pistachio or almonds to make nutty brittle. Process remains the same. Do share with me which is your favorite jaggery chikki or brittle.