Dotted Bottles

Every time I’m about to write a post, the most challenging part is thinking about a suitable title for the page. Even this time I was thinking what should be the name of this post. I came up with different combinations like burst of colors, splash of colors, kaleidoscopic bottle, etc.. Finally “Dotted Bottles” sounded more relevant to this bottle.

I have painted many bottles but these were the most simplest of all I have painted so far. Usually this is not my style of painting on bottles. I like doing more intricate and detailed patterns. Have a look at my first bottle art – Ganapati painting on bottle.

I had never imagined to paint in this style which means applying base coat on glass bottles first. However, it was my neighbor’s bed-sheet that inspired me to do so!

My neighbor had spread her bed-sheet in her balcony for drying. It was a white bed-sheet with multi-colored stars on it. The moment I saw the bed-sheet a thought clicked that why not replicate this color combination on a bottle.

It took me 4 days to complete the whole bottle. This is how I started with it.


I applied the base coat of pearl white acrylic color. I opted for pearl white instead of plain white as I wanted little shimmering shine on bottle under light. I have used acrylic colors and round tip brush to paint these dots.

I left the white base coat color to dry for an hour. Post drying, made dots of varying sizes in random order.

Dotted bottles in process
Dotted bottles in process

This was the most fun part, making dots just like a kid. I remember in my childhood, I use to often make circles on the last page of the notebooks.

I also noticed since all the colors were happy and bright, my mood in last three days was cheerful too. May be this was the effect of  color therapy. 🙂

When I get into mood for painting then it’s just the colors that play in my mind. Then after few days my attention again gets shifted to some creative cooking. These bottles have set my mood for some art work. So I’m sure my next posts will be related to art works. 🙂

I really enjoyed painting these little dots. It’s colorful and vibrant and has brightened-up the corner where-ever it’s placed.

Dotted bottles ready for display

While covering the bottle with bright dots I decided to leave some part white. It created a contrasting effect and made the dots standout. What do you think I should cover the whole bottle with dots or this looks fine?