Free mandala coloring page

Drawing mandala and adult coloring books with mandalas have become newfangled meditative activities. When you start coloring a mandala, you get engross in its intricate patterns, leaving behind your stress, worries and anxieties. Concentrating in mandala art sharpen your artistry and stimulate mental prosperity.

So, here I’m sharing a free printable lotus bud mandala. You can try yourself and see how effective stress-buster mandala coloring can be.


The bud of lotus personifies potential to grow. From mud and slush blossoms a pure lotus unaffected by its surroundings. I hope coloring this lotus mandala harmonize your thoughts as it did mine while drawing it.

You can learn to draw a mandala all by yourself by reading post on how to draw mandala in 6 easy steps.  However, before you begin drawing or coloring a mandala I would suggest you familiarize yourself little bit about what is mandala?

What is a Mandala?

Being an Indian, I feel great pride in saying that the word “mandala” arrived from Sanskrit language. In Sanskrit “mandala” means circle.

Mandala is blend of geometric and organic patterns used as symbolic representation of universe. Monks in Tibetan, Buddhism and saints in Hinduism have used mandalas as aid to focus in meditation.

How Mandala has evolved?

From the basic square shape, Mandala has evolved into Mandala art. Mandala art refers to mandala design created in circular form, be it sketched, drawn or painted.  It can be on any medium – paper, canvas or any other fabric.

These days any intricate circular pattern is considered to be a mandala pattern. However a mandala pattern has a central point from where it grows into a symmetrical mandala design with repeated patterns.

Why people are connecting to Mandala art?

This is because Mandala is helps people to connect with their inner-self. Life is busy and there are so many distractions all around, and Mandala gives the piece of mind.  Drawing a Mandala act as a relaxing therapy as its intricate pattern detaches you from things around you.

You can also have a look at free printable coloring page if you are interested in free coloring page.

Drawing or coloring Mandala will work like a meditation resulting in mentally renewed and more focused you. I attain the same meditative state of mind while doing Madhubani painting and Zentangles.

So go ahead, leave behind your concerns and worries and connect with your inner self. Save this lotus Mandala image on your laptop, take a printout and start coloring using pencils or pens.


Let your creative juices flowing. I’m sure once you color a mandala you will be looking forward to it more and more. Keep coming back I will be sharing some more intricate mandalas on this blog.

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