Zentangles – Love at First Sight

I’m an active member of one of the art and craft group on Facebook. This exposes me to different kinds of art and craft, as members regularly post their latest creations.

In this group I saw Zentangle for the first time. The moment I saw it, I was in love with this art form. You can say it was love at first sight. 🙂

So I started exploring internet to know more about Zentangle. I came to know it’s a step by step process and repetition of patterns that leads to beautiful piece of art at the end. A Zentangle tile is 3 1/2 inches (89 mm) square to be completed in one sitting without using eraser.

I couldn’t stop myself from trying my hand on Zentangle. It was like every waking hours they were on my mind. I told you it was a case of love at first sight. I had to put it on paper to get it out of my thinking process as all I was thinking was Zentangles.

To make Zentangles, special stationery kit is used. If you have seen Zentangles you must be aware it’s a very intricate work. As I was quite desperate to make a Zentangle, I used my jewelry designing fine-tip pens and pencils that I already have.

zentangle stationeryusedThe experience of making Zentangle was totally liberating. As it’s a detail pattern work, it requires complete focus on what you doing.

For me painting or jewelry designing or any art form is no less than meditation. I get totally cut-off from my surroundings and get immersed in my work. Zentangle gave me the same thoughtless state of mind, which I yearn for.

zentangle collageThe beauty of Zentangle lies in the fact that it does not have up or downside, it can be viewed from any side and any angle. It’s a square piece of paper and looks equally beautiful from any side.Zentangle I remember few days’ back one of my bhaili Kavita saw this Zentangle I had made and as expected her question was what was it.

I explained her about Zentangle and told her my daughter really gave me a tough day and I needed some peace of mind. So after she slept, I made this zentagle. I’m quoting her exact words here “If this is the result of Narayani (my daughter) making you mad I hope she does it every day so that we get to see more of such beautiful works”. 🙂Zentangle imageMy heart is totally set on this art form and I look forward to making many more Zentangles. Any one can learn Zentangle by attending workshops with a  certified Zentangle teacher (CZT). You can read more about Zentangle art here.