Thank You Readers! It’s 99

When I’m writing this post, it’s reflecting 99 WordPress followers and it’s so thrilling. It feels like someone very near is expecting and I could receive the good news any time now. Yes, I’m expecting the good news of achieving the milestone of first 100 blog followers. I know it’s going to be soon. 🙂

I’m writing this to thank you dear readers. It’s you all that gave me this joy. I’m really enjoying blogging, and the best part is interacting with readers. When readers leave a comment it’s so rewarding. When I get new “follows”, it feels like – “yes I’m doing good work”.

So readers keep showering your love. I will share the good news as soon as I get it. 🙂

Author: Megha Agrawal

Hi there, I'm Megha Agrawal based in Pune, India. I love painting, cooking, reading and trying different DIY crafts in my free time. Blessed with a loving family and friends who keep encouraging me in my new endeavors.

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