Tomato Juice – The Splash of Red

Hot weather somehow diminishes my appetite and I don’t feel eating much in lunch. That’s why, in summers I prefer having glass of cool healthy home-made drinks (like – tomato juice, sattu drink, mint drink etc.).

Tomato Juice

A little bit of munching accompanied by a glass of fresh tomato juice refreshes me. The best thing is, it gets ready in almost no time. In fact, it’s pretty simple to make and feels really refreshing gulping down a glass of tomato juice.

Frankly speaking, I frequently make this healthy and tasty drink in summers just because it’s so easy to make. Otherwise, we ladies hardly put extra effort for ourselves. We keep exploring varieties for our kids and family, but when it comes to ourselves, we tend to delay things.

So, why not bring down the temperature this summer with something tasty as well as healthy. I am sure your family will also love the splash of tomato. It’s nutritious, so you’ll not have guilt feeling of taking extra calories.

Tomato Juice Benefits

In fact, tomato is full of vitamins and minerals. Regularly having tomatoes give healthy skin and great lustrous hair. Tell me which woman in the world would not like to have glowing skin and shinning hair!

Believe me, fresh tomato juice is loaded with health and taste.


Fresh tomato and mint

  • Tomatoes: 4-5 big size
  • Few mint leaves
  • Roasted cumin seed (jeera) powder: 1 pinch
  • Black salt: 1 tsp
  • Few ice-cubes


  • All you need to do is take some fresh tomatoes, roughly chop them, add few mint leaves and crush them in blender.
  • Sieve the juice, and add black salt (according to your taste) and a pinch of roasted cumin powder. No sugar or water required but some ice cubes are definite welcome.
  • Healthy tomato juice is ready to be served.

Tomato juice to be served

Don’t throw the pulp residue

I don’t like to waste anything, and always to try to reuse things in a healthy way. That’s why I don’t throw away residual tomato pulp which is high in fiber.

I use it in vegetable preparations (like – aloo tamatar ki sabzi). Just sauté this mixture in oil, add the regular spices and add some boiled potato in it. And you have the tasty potato sabzi with subtle mint flavor.

You can even make tomato chutney of this residue. All you need is, fry the residue in oil, and then add salt and turmeric powder. Take it off the flame after 5 minutes and then add tadka of mustard and curry leaves.

So, I think I have given enough reasons for you to try this healthy juice. It will make you look gorgeous while stimulating your taste-buds. 🙂

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Author: Megha Agrawal

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